Lukes Bespoke Tailors
348 Barking Rd Plaistow
London E13 8HL
Tel: 020 7476 5956
Bespoke Tailors

348 Barking Road, London E13 8HL
Tel: 020 7476 5956

Bespoke Tailoring
British English term for clothing made at a customer's behest, and exactly to the customer's specification.
From the word 'bespeak', meaning to ask for or order something. Has its roots in Savile Row, dating from the 17th century when tailors held the full lengths of cloth on their premises. When a customer would choose a length of cloth, it was said to have 'been spoken for'.

Lukes Bespoke Tailors
Until the 1960s, Barking Road was home to a host of bespoke tailors, offering high quality, suits to the men of the borough and beyond. Today in the 21st century, Luke alone maintains the tradition along the Barking Road. As Luke himself says, "styles, material and finishes will always change with time, but I hope the quality and prestige of a well-made suit will never go out of fashion."

Purchasing a suit at a bespoke tailor's shop means customers have hundreds of styles and material to choose from. At Lukes, all of our suits are made from the finest cloths and are cut, tailored and contoured to your shape.
For the sophisticated and modern man, Luke is the personal tailor of choice, specialising in bespoke and made to measure suits. At Lukes, we provide a high level of service, quality and personnal attention from your very first visit to the final fit.

In addition to bespoke tailoring, Lukes also offers expert alteration services. From fitting new clothes by alterations, to reviving worn and torn garments, all jobs are given our full attention and professional expertise.

Whatever your tailoring or alteration requirements, Lukes provides a high quality and professional service at a competitive price. Phone us or come and see us in person for a free consultation to discuss your tailoring needs with our friendly and knowledable staff.